Act on Specified Commercial Transactions | 猫雑貨・グッズ通販/猫や動物イラスト・似顔絵作成 "365CAT.ART"

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions



Seller's Address

ZIP Code :0610206

Address :Hokkaido石狩郡当別町川下573番地22(日本支店)


Phone Number : 有効であることが確認された正しい電話番号です。

本事業所:Hong Kong Flat D 21st Floor of Tower1 Habor Place 8 Oi King St,Hung Hom,Kowloon

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Please send mail by changing ★ to @.
Opening hours: 10 am to 16 am on Japan time weekdays.
営業時間 :平日 午前10時〜16時

About Price

Sales price is the displayed amount (display price / consumption tax included).

About Payment Billing Date

Payment method:Payment by credit card, convenience store, Pay-easy payment can be used.
Payment time:Please pay in advance as it is completely made to order. If you can not confirm the settlement after ordering, it will be canceled automatically.Once payment is confirmed, your order will be finalized.


Shipping Date

Portraits and Custom-made items are built-to-order products. Creation of a portrait takes about 2 days to 1 week. Your pet portrait will be sent by email after completion as soon as your OK sign is confirmed.

Please note that delivery may be delayed depending on the country. Delivery of Custum-made items takes about two weeks after completion of the portrait.




Notes on Refund and Returning Goods

We can't accept cancellations, returns or claims of your order as we have received your confirmation and consent before shipping.
We can't accept cancellations, returns or claims due to your convenience after shipping because our branded products are also built-to-order products.
If the product is unused and defective, it will be replaced. We can't accept any changes or complaints about the design of the illustration as we have received confirmation and consent. If there is a defect in the product, please let us know within one week from the delivery.

・The color of the illustration is slightly different from the color seen on a PC or smartphone.
・ Please confirm the size of custom made items firmly.
・The quality, design and size of custom made items may change slightly.

【Cancel fee for the illustration】
The illustration will be created after sending the photo. In the case of cancellation on the way, cancel fee will occur. 50% fee will be charged from the design fee of portrait.Transfer fee, card settlement fee will be borne.



イラストは写真を送信後に作成されます。 途中でキャンセルの場合はキャンセル料が発生します。デザイン料から50%を頂きます。振込手数料、カード決済手数料もご負担下さい。